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I have 2 questions...

1. How many domains can we have to GM.
2. If it is unlimited, is it possible to run from more than one server.

The reason I ask this question, is I have one domain that I will allow users to have POP mail on. All the other domains will not allow this feature, but I want to run a few more domains. I need to know if there will be any issues if I run one domain on one server and run all the others on a different server.

I need to do this simply for space, each server is limited in the amount of disk space it has.

Thank you guys for everything,

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Re: [avery] Domains... In reply to

1. It depends on the license. =) There is no limit to domains in the program.
2. You can scale Gossamer Mail by separating the mail, application, database and web all to different web servers all with one license (as you still only have one installation), however if you want to just install two copies then you do need another license.


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