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need some help.
I made a fresh Gmail 2.2.0 install on a new Server, now I can't copy the
old Database (Gmail 2.1.1) files over the new one.How can I import the old Data
into the tables without destroying the new one?

Regards Thomas
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Upgrade is best bet. To ensure that nothing goes wrong with your live install do a upgrade on test installation of yr live site by doing following:
  • Copy the database tables to a new database say test
  • Do test install of 2.1.1 with ref to the test databse
  • Upgrade to 2.2 the test installation.

If all goes error free then:
  • Disable the live site.
  • Stop the cron
  • upgrade the live installation.
  • start the cron
  • enable the site.

This is how i proceeded to upgrade from 2.1.0 and it all went error free. That's the best bet.