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Crashes v1.1.6

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Crashes v1.1.6
Hello alex!

How to stop showing the

SERVER_SOFTWARE => Apache/1.3.3
UNIQUE_ID => OlXL.....

(Webmail::generate_error_msg) called from (/usr/.../admin/Webmail.pm) line (1653)
(Webmail::cgierr) called from (/usr/.../join.cgi) line (128)
(main::sign_up) called from (/usr/..../join.cgi) line (40)
(main::main) called from (/usr/..../join.cgi) line (29)

to the surfers?

Why was the script designed in this way to speak volumes in informing the hackers and sneakers about the server informations?

The scripts are so sensitive that it crashes too many times probably more than a handicapped man. I am amazed with all the built-in crashes.

For your information. All the directories and scripts the install.cgi did was done with user nobody. Although this does not happen with telnet. Isnt there a way that the install.cgi captures the real userID and makes directories with the user IDs? Probably if cgiwrap is integrated in the programming there is a chance.

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Re: Crashes v1.1.6 In reply to

If you are seeing cgierrs, it means that you have not setup Gossamer Mail properly. All licensed copies of Gossamer Mail include professional installation to avoid these kind of situations.

To turn off debugging code, edit Webmail.pm line 1651.



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Re: Crashes v1.1.6 In reply to
Hello Alex!

The main problem is not in the "Proffessional installation" but in "Proffessional conception" that still needs to go beyond. The entire script is so beautifully designed but not error free co-ordinated between the GT_products. Thats the problem.

Follow the steps as below and you will realize:

Try yourself to install Links SQL v2.o beta4 with a table prefix, GT_ for e.g.

Install gmail version. Start setup.cgi.

Point User table to be GT_Users with Username + Password to be the Login information.


Demographics point the same User table GT_Users + Login Username.

Watch the last step of error from setup.cgi and note the bug.


Join as a user from join.cgi


Give the same user name with anathor password and observe the crash.