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I have been looking at how GM is dealing with mysql connections and am now under the impression that something is seriously wrong either with GM or our settings.

I started by shutting down mysql and restarting. Meaning at that time, zero connections exist.

I loaded GM login page. Checked mysql connections, already 1 is there as expected.

But here is where things start going really wrong.

I logged in, another connection is established. Total is now 2

I read first email. Another connection established. Total is now 3.

I read another email. Same as above and now total is 4 active connections.

By the time I was done, I had 22 active mysql connections to GM database!!!! Even when I logged out, another connection was added!

I returned 2 hours later. All connections still there! Connected again and by end of that session I had 37 connections! There seems to be no limit on how many connections one single user can cause.

I cannot understand how same user ends up with so many connections. I also do not understand why these remain hanging in there and do not terminate.

I believe there are 2 types of mysql connections:

a)One opens and closes with each request
b)Another persists

The behavior above does not fit either above I believe. For persistent connections, I am supposed to get 1 mysql connection that persists session after session after session for all connections made by same user not a new connection for every mysql query.

Any insight to what is going on here? It seems such a situation will make GM unusable or am I missing something? Is this a problem with GM or is there something wrong with my mysql settings? I have Pentium 4, 1 GB RAM dedicated server