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Combine Options Editing?

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Combine Options Editing?
With the combination of other "settings" on other parts of my site, the number of "option" settings in Gossamer Mail can be a little overwhelming to some.

I'd like to combine some of the options pages to make the entire setup a little more compact (in appearance, at least).. but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this that I can see.

Is there any way to feed a form to the options routines that will save *any* of the valid parameters you send it (as opposed to having to categorize theml; options-mailbox-save, options-display-save, etc).

If not - can anyone think of an alternative method for this? Code tweaks are fine, I can handle altering Perl.. writing from scratch is a bit beyond me.

I suppose I could write something in PHP which would save over the options file, but I'd rather feed things through the GT system so that everything is guarenteed to be in sync.

Thanks in Advance!
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