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Can't collect mail from a POP?

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Can't collect mail from a POP?
I added a second domain under Incoming Email Options, double checked everything, but no mail is being received. incoming.pl is run every 5 minutes. It appears no mail under example.com is being received either, which worked fine before adding the second domain, example.com.

There is mail in the POP box for example.com (I can download it into Outlook), but it doesn't seem to be picked up by Gossamer Mail anymore, since adding the second domain.

Any ideas?



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Re: Can't collect mail from a POP? In reply to

This is a known BUG,, not in GMail script but in the minds of GT people, of "Not enough documentation"!

What indicates by your saying "It worked fine before I added anathor domain" means that you

- used one domain before

- The entire installation + Setup did work fine

- The problem was only in the addition of a Domain

Which shows:

- that you added anathor domain and created anathor line of list of domains, indicating anathor domain active.

- I could assume that you used the function "Shared POP3 "!

- If you did activate this feature, you still inserted anathor domain in an anathor line!

- You told the GMail >>> incoming.pl that it should look in only one POP3 box, because all the emails would be found in one shared box.

Therefore, GMail is confused of having two POP3 boxes to look at, while having in the config only one domain it should look for.

The error could have been eliminated by either a little better note or warning or documentation or through programming --- NOT allowing admin to do this at all ---!!! (I however am not dissatisfied by less documentation, so long as the features are there and it takes more time to discover then a treasure hunt!)

. Hence

I suggest that you:

- Remove the second line of that domain.

- If it works again, then there is the problem.#

- then remove even the first domain from delete domain

- Add both the domains at the same time, with one domain as receiving domain for emails

All then should work, if this was the problem

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Re: Can't collect mail from a POP? In reply to
Rajani, thanks for your reply, but I think I'm going to have to learn another language just to understand your English :)