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COPPA and other questions

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COPPA and other questions
Does Gossamer-Mail incorporate COPPA policy?

Basically this would require special conditions to be met when signing up somebody under 13 to a free mail service, usually a faxed/writted letter to the site admin giving parents/guardian permission for child to join.
For an example of this please see my message board:

If not could you consider it for the next update?

Also by multiple domain support, do you mean I could run a number of diffferent domains from the same script, i.e. people could sign up for and log in to theirname@vgnmail.com and theirname@gamingupdate.com with the same script?

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Re: COPPA and other questions In reply to
Since Gossamer Threads is located in Canada, that is not really an issue. I brought up this point awhile back for Links and it was basically shot down and the suggestion was to incorporate my own COPPA statements.

You could easily do this in the account signup script, by directing people first to a page that outlines of Terms of Agreement along with COPPA statement with a button that goes to the account signup form.

Simple matter of adding a sub and conditional statement to call this sub when the person first accesses the signup script.


Eliot Lee
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Re: COPPA and other questions In reply to

No, we don't have such a thing, but it would be trivial to add.

1. Change the link to join.cgi to policy.html
2. From policy.html link I agree to join.cgi

and you are done.

As for multiple domains, yes you will be able to offer several different email domains in the next version. The current version only allows one domain.



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