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Bug 2.0.5 - Purge Users

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Bug 2.0.5 - Purge Users
I do not know if is something that happends only to me, but I find some very extrange behavior.

I explain:

I want to purge users that did not conect from 100 days ago.

The resault is that 227 users do not conect in the last 100 days.

Then instead of press YES to purge them, I want to see who are de 227 users, so I press the link in the number, And here is the bug. I should see 227 users but it displays my entire database of users.

So I am extremly afraid to delete the 227 user becouse I really do not know if will delete every one.

Alex can you have a look on this?

Thank you

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Re: [migues] Bug 2.0.5 - Purge Users In reply to

Please send me an email with login info and I'll take a look.


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