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Browser problem

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Browser problem

I have a problem with an account. When user is logged in, only an error message is show instead of message in the content frame (lowest right frame). It comes all the time right after logged in (browser error?) with IE x. When I log into the account, everything comes up just fine. I lookup the error:

Invalid/Expired session.
Additional Info: CGI INPUT
folders_fid => 1
mh => 1
nh => 1
sb => msgs_sent
sid => 0
so => asc
t => default
tb => 1

sid => 0
template => default


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Re: Browser problem In reply to

Are you running the latest version? There was an issue with cookies that we fixed in 1.1.4 I believe. Basically, if the users clock was way off, or if your servers system clock wasn't correct, then the users session would get immediately expired. This has been fixed, and it only appeared on ceartain versions of IE.



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