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Beta 5 - Password Reminder Bugs

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Beta 5 - Password Reminder Bugs
Login -> Lost Password -> Password Reminder

A couple of strange things seem to be happening with this feature now:

1. If I have 'Display Password' selected in the admin area, I keep getting this message when trying to use the forgot password feature which puts me at a dead end...

"You are not authorized to use this function."

I have set the users password reminder q and a in the admin area and tried what I can think of, but it still won't work like it used to - not sure if it's a template problem.

2. When you click on 'Lost Password' it always defaults to the 'default' template set instead of the one chosen. For eg. if you've selected simple and the form returns an error, it comes back in the simple template form - but if you click on 'lost password' it then reverts back to the default one again.

I like the simple templates. Keeps testing simple when you only have one set too :)