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Beta 5 - Attachments Bug!? :(

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Beta 5 - Attachments Bug!? :(
User -> Inbox - Email Attachments

Hi, I'm having problems with email attachments - this is the first time I've tested them :(

If I email an attachment through to a user on my GM setup as part of the body of a message, the links at the bottom of the email display text/plain and text/html. If I click on the text/html link it trys to display the message with the attachment, but it comes up as a broken graphic.

If I email an image through as an attachment but NOT in the body of an email message, at the bottom of the email message the system displays text/plain and text/plain. If I click on either of those text/plain links to try and view what should be an attachment, the message displays again but no attachment - not even a broken image.

With the standard install, there is a graphic included in the Gossamer Threads "Welcome Message" by default - this image also came up as broken if that helps?

I hope there's just something wrong with my install on this one?


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Re: Beta 5 - Attachments Bug!? :( In reply to

This is very strange, can you replicate it on freemail.gossamer-threads.com demo? If so, send me a private message with the username/password you are using to test so I can see what the message looks like.

I can't replicate this here. If it doesn't happen on freemail, send me a private message with where you have it installed so I can see what's going on.



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