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Beta 4/Next - Dictionary Question

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Beta 4/Next - Dictionary Question

If there was an easy way in the next release where the admin could get in and edit the dictionary it would be good! :)


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Hi Regan,

This is included (but not documented). If you go to:


you will find a build_dict.pl script. You type:

perl build_dict.pl /path/to/dictionary_file /path/to/auto_correct_file

We've bundled a sample auto correct file as it is rather uncommon, but you can usually find a dictionary file on most unix systems in /usr/share/dict/words. All it is a text file with one word per line.

A limitation is that the SpellChecker uses Soundex to find words that sound the same. This algorithim only works on the english language. We are looking for alternatives for other languages.



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