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Maybe off topic but I just need to tell everyone that the support I have received the last few days from Alex and Virginia in helping me get my email program up and running, www.theofframp.com has been unbelievable! This alone makes Gossamer the hands down choice for anyone looking for a web based mail program.

I am looking forward to the new version. It sounds like the new add-ons are going to make this an even more outstanding product. Hopefully I will eventually get the layout the way I like it. I am hoping we will start to see several user developed canned templates that we can have access to, like Gossamer Threads. I ultimately want a look similar to Hotmail. I must admit I like the simple look. It is much more conducive to easy editing and it seems to get away from the ugly frame situation. ( I am not a frame lover)

Anyway....thank you to Gossamer for such a great product!