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Admin Purge_Messages ... Yet Another Shock!!!

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Admin Purge_Messages ... Yet Another Shock!!!
Hi All GM users/ GT Staff,

I did a reverse check sort of on Admin Purge_Messages utility with a test install of 2.1.1 This is what i did:

Install: http so all ownership is nobody. Individual account mode with the necessary plugin installed.

Logged in and pulled 59 messages from POP account. --Successfull.

Then logged in as SU and deleted all the files in the data/msgs tree -- Successfull.

Then logged in as GM Admin and Purge_Messages. The search form came up and with that user domain selected got 59 messages to Purge --Fine as the same is being read from database.

Then Confirmed Purge ....... And Wow!!!! It went as smooth as silk.

Logically, it should have thrown error as there were no messages on disk (as i had already deleted the same manually -- rm -Rf individual subdirectory).

Is this a NORMAL Behaviour. In fact Purge confirm should have thrown an error that there are no mesasges on disk for the messages in database ... like consistency.pl did after i deleted the messages from disk and ran consistency.pl

I am shocked and almost knocked out of sanity see this happen. Can anyone tell me how my server setup can cause this or is it that I am in for some bigger trouble for whatever reasons it may be?

God save me




I am thankful to Charlie for his offer of setting up a test account. The day I am convinced that really it is a server setup issue responsible for this and nothing_else then i would definitely use the offer....but i have to be Logically Convinced.....about the malfunctions.

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anup123: Jun 8, 2003, 9:04 AM