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Additional Feature

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Additional Feature
Hi Alex,

Would the following be possible to implement on GM for basically reducing the time needed to be hooked on to net for browsing thru the mails (and everyone would not want to have Outlook Express or such client for obvious reasons ... Those viruses which have vaccines only after they have done the damage Pirate ):

"On Mouse Over" the Subject ofthe Email a small pop up window opens displaying upto first 512 or so characters of the message. This would really enable the user to decide whether to read complete mail or delete it without opening, thereby saving upon time.

There is no feature for following which i think should have been there:

1. Provision for uploading stationary.

2. Provision for emptying trash at one go.

3. Address Book access on WAP templates

4. Provision for auto emptying trash after a predefined duration or at each log off. this would save time in the efforts to manually empty the trash.

5. With the left column on the templates so empty, all the menu items under the Options can be cramped up in the left column and thereby save a Click for navigation.

When is 2.1 due to be released.

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Re: [anup123] Additional Feature In reply to

The on mouse over is a good idea. It would take a small piece of code to do this, but could be done with a global pretty easily.

As for the other features:

1. We'll look into doing something like this, especially with the WYSIWYG editor.

2. You can do this in the templates (just create a link to webmail.cgi?do=delete-folders;fid=3). It's not in the standard templates, but could easily be added.

3. There would be no code changes required to implement this, just adding WAP templates.

4. 2.1 will have user options to store trash, or store sent messages. We'll definately look at a delete trash upon exit type option.

5. 2.1 will have two new template sets. Send me an email if you'd like a preview. Again, remember, you have full control of the templates, you can adjust any look you like (there is no extra code to support WAP, it's just a different template set).

We expect 2.1 to be out in a week or two.


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