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2.1.0 Release Date

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2.1.0 Release Date

We've updated our Gossamer Mail demo to 2.1.0. The major change includes two new template sets! Have a look at it here:


If you notice any problems, please post a message in our Gossamer Mail discussion forum. We plan to release 2.1 by Friday.


Gossamer Threads Inc.

Do you mean "Friday" as in today? Or next Friday? (e.g. should we plan on coming in over the weekend to do the update of our server, or should we plan on doing it next weekend?) Thanks for the clarification.
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Re: [zoherest] 2.1.0 Release Date In reply to
Alex meant Friday, today. It's pretty much ready to go, but we want to get some more testing done before releasing. It looks like it will end up being released on Monday. If you want to help out, you can help by testing the demo at http://freemail.gossamer-threads.com, and reporting any bugs you find. The admin demo's also been updated (http://freemail.gossamer-threads.com/perl/gmai/admin-demo), so any bug reports would be great.

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Re: [brewt] 2.1.0 Release Date In reply to
Great, thanks for the update. I'll go whack on it some more, but from my first few passes at it there weren't any problems....