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2.0 Search Messages Gets No Results?

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2.0 Search Messages Gets No Results?
Hi - again :)

I'm trying to use the Search Messages option and can't get a result. I have 1 message in my in-box, which is the standard 'Welcome to Gossamer Mail' email. I put 'nickname' into the search box (which is a word in the body of the message), press search and get no results.

I've tried going into the search options and entering 'nickname' into the body area, tried it with and without 'match any' selected, but still get no results. No matter which field or word I search for nothing comes back - to, from, body etc.

I thought it might have been the search weight field for messages not set above 0, but they don't seem to have one.

Any ideas?


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Re: 2.0 Search Messages Gets No Results? In reply to

This is a bug with the welcome message not getting inserted into the search table. It will be fixed in the next beta.
Thanks for the bug reports they have been very helpful!