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2.0 Bug - Address Book/No Cookies

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2.0 Bug - Address Book/No Cookies
There seems to be a bug with the session not being passed in the address book when not using cookies (works ok with cookies on), which causes the users current session to end. This is how it happens...

1. Using standard templates, select no cookies on login.
2. Enter a friend into the address book.
3. Select the friend from the address book list and click view.
4. Click on the friends email address to try and send an email.

The session id doesn't seem to be passed in the URL, which causes the user to be sent to the login page.

Also, I'm not sure if it's a bug or not - when adding addresses to the address book it doesn't check to see if you've already added that address. I guess it could be up to personal preference whether you want to check this one or not.


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Re: 2.0 Bug - Address Book/No Cookies In reply to

Thanks, that's a template problem. Every link needs to have <%url_hidden%> in it, and every form needs to have <%form_hidden%> in it to pass essential information. We'll fix this up.



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