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2.0.2 - Validation Email Not Being Sent.

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2.0.2 - Validation Email Not Being Sent.

I am validating users by hand and have "Not Validated" selected as their status when they sign up. I also have the send validation email ticked in the admin area, but the emails aren't being sent for some reason.

Is this a bug? Is there a quick fix?



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Re: 2.0.2 - Validation Email Not Being Sent. In reply to

It was the same earlier but I never posted!

Click on send on Verfiy Email and only then it will make sense. Otherwise it will not work,.

I was kinda fed of all this logic problems and bugs in there.

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Re: 2.0.2 - Validation Email Not Being Sent. In reply to
I can see where it could get confusing. It seems a couple of options need to be covered when dealing with email addresses and the signup issues.

This is how I think it would work:

1. Admin can set if an email address is required to sign up.
2. Admin can also set if email "validation" is required - ie, an email is sent to the address (This only comes into action if the email address is required).
3. Admin can set if an email is sent to the user when they've validated - either automatically or manually when their status is set to "Not Validated". This gives the option to email them if their email address is required, and ALSO when it's not required but they have still supplied one anyway. I guess it would check:

Is it required? -> Yes -> send an email.

Is it required -> No -> Have they supplied one -> Yes -> Send an email.

I hope that makes sense. I think it would only mean adding a check to the existing validation routine to get number 3 to work.

I'd be interested to see what the guys at GT think? Is this something that'll be addressed in the next release?


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Re: 2.0.2 - Validation Email Not Being Sent. In reply to

I am very sure if GT spends enough time in such a thinking of programming logic they would come up with quite interesting logic. With the current release it only tells me that there was not enough time to go through every area in development and got the major one out, which is ofcourse more important and in the interest of everyone. However, a low quality of programming and lack of attention only costs an extremely high price of development reducing the profit out of the product and much more, users spends much more time in problems, disappointments and headaches.

Links SQL v1.0 had Validate links table and I had a thousand links awaiting to validate, it would produce 6 megabytes of ONE webpage!!! Simply because Alex did not yet insert spanning of pages. It was only in v2.0 it hopefully works better. Because I said this I am a bad guy!!! So unfair that the user(admin) is dependent on what is supplied, and what is supplied is difficult to use, the user has no choice but to live with it.

In my database of GMail, half of the users have lost password optional as question and answer. the other half does not have Q+A. It does not send an email to the user even if they have an email address (See my thread LOST PASSWORD).

Validation key is also useless if the account status is Validated. I have hundreds of Validation key in the table, for what?

Hence looking at all this, I suggest the following:

TO STOP ALL the confusions, it is important to simply offer a set of options. Like for e.g. a packet or combined functions.

Lets say


Option A - All Auto mode is clicked. Then it will do a following set of things, like it will Auto-Validate, Auto confirm, etc.

Option B - All Manual mode is clicked. Then it will do everything with admin manually.

Option C - Semi manual mode. It will do some function auto some manual.

etc. Those would be set of functions correctly explained in the admin. They all could also ofcourse be clickable under each of the options.