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2.0.2 - New User/Validation BUG

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2.0.2 - New User/Validation BUG

This is strange.

A new user submits their application for a webmail account, and I go into the admin area to validate them. But instead I decide to 'delete' their submission. It is removed successfully from the validation page. BUT, it is still inserted into the user list and is not deleted from there?

This has to be a bug? I would have thought it would remove them entirely from the system if you delete it at the validation stage?

Is there a quick fix for this one?


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Re: 2.0.2 - New User/Validation BUG In reply to

I am surprised that this bug is still there!

I reported this in the stages of 2.0.2 and Alex said that he could not replicate it. I did an update and from 2.0.2 it worked fine or even much better. He did some changes in the routines, that means, and the entries that where in the users list also did start appearing from version 2.0.2 which did not in 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 and I was quite satisfied and never looked into it further.

If you still have the bug, then you could verify something more interesting! I am not sure if I could describe good below:

If you search for users which has some space by "Greater than" then many users will appear. Check really in to those users. They actually have no space into them!!!

The moment you click on "Email" option from admin, next after Modify and before Delete, it will open the Email box of the respective users. All the folders shows no emails, even though the the space used has many bytes as entries in them.

The interesting story is:

Before clicking the Email link, it had space according to the entries in the table. After clicking on this, the entries start changing into the table and shows different information!!!

Further, Note that the statistics will also show wong information.

I took a while to understand the behaviour, and supposedly the bug is still there.