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[GMAIL 2.1.0] Incoming.pl requires a change!

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[GMAIL 2.1.0] Incoming.pl requires a change!

I have seen how the incoming.pl is designed.

I must say, not agreeing at to other users about the Gmail in Beta, that the quality of programming is extra-ordinary developed to a very high value.

But I still think there needs to be some change in it. Those scripts below could be placed under cron. This will reduce tremendously the number of seconds in which the incoming.pl delivers a mail to the user. Lets say if there are couple of scripts that does different function, for e.g.


and also ...

Reduce Database connection

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rajani: Jul 23, 2002, 11:57 PM
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Re: [rajani] [GMAIL 2.1.0] Incoming.pl requires a change! In reply to

Can you explain in more detail what you think should be changed and how it would improve space? Judging from the name of the scripts you propose, I don't think it would help.


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Re: [Alex] [GMAIL 2.1.0] Incoming.pl requires a change! In reply to
Hello Alex!

Lets say I use ACTIVE or LIVE parsing of messages and it is for me (and my shared server) favorable. So the user has to wait until the incoming.pl parses all the extra work before it actually delivers to the mail box.

For e.g. If there are 700 messages to be bounced, 600 messages to be deleted, 500 messages to be gone through undeliverable checks, and ONE message waiting LAST in the que TO_BE_ACTUALLY delivered into the mailbox.

The user has no way to get it first and has to wait until the incoming.pl is finished. So, how many times it will make database connections, make queries from the database and parse.

Question is, is it possible that the incoming.pl does the most important task and other task incoming.pl has to is carried out by other scripts. Or lets say, under waht condition incoming.pl gives the first parsing of messages that that user is waiting for, and not getting into all those bouncing, inserting etc connection problems? Or am I making a thinking mistake?


Lets say, if a login script is calling incoming.pl, it will check the mail box only for that user, get that one message and present it to him. Rest can go on in the background.

From the input incoming.pl -v, I have seen the behaviour of it. My GOD! Its a lot of work to design it and it also does a lot of work. I am amazed more by the programming than too many lines generated (compliment). Beleive me, I have no real suggestion, but there HAS to be something different.

For e.g.,

- how can it look for a user - if exists - faster. I beleive from the harddrive rather than mysql connection.

- Can it delete a message - immediately from the mail box - after inserting?

- Can it search for a particular users message in a mailbox and after delivering, delete in there?

- How can the pattern of sorting change from QUEING method, i.e. linear or one after that other physically for e.g. 1,2,3,4,5, to a jumping one for e.g. 1,3,2,6,4,5!