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[BUG REPORT] Delete User

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[BUG REPORT] Delete User
Hello Alex!

There were 200 Messages in the inbox of an user unread. I decided to delete the user from the delete link in the admin Where it gives a link to modify,email,delete.

After clicking on the link delete, it took a while to finish and then showed that the user was deleted.

At the same time I still had the email.cgi open which showed me the content of that email box. Curiously, I pressed the reload. It showed me 1 message in the sent and the inbox was empty. Very surprised.

Then I checked the user in the search user query from admin. The user is not there listed.

Checking (and not modifying) with MySQLMan the user is listed in the email_users table intact!

Now I know how the inconsistancy where developing in the database.

You earlier said several times that that was because I used MysqlMan, which I never ever did actually, which was the reason why things like this would happen.

Now I caught it were and how it happened.

PS: Users who simply wants to bark, keep away!

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rajani: Sep 20, 2001, 11:54 PM
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Re: [rajani] [BUG REPORT] Delete User In reply to
Hello Alex!

Just to give some more information-

The user has been wiped out from dgraph. But only four messages are deleted, surprisingly. 196 messages are shown in the email_msgtrack with the entries!


Shows all the information. I did not actually check it out if its there, but its here in the table.
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Re: [rajani] [BUG REPORT] Delete User In reply to
And some more information.

inconsistency.pl shows that there are some messages but not on the disk.

Following link you could use any number of times but still deletes the same user as many times you press on yes, a wrong message.

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Re: [rajani] [BUG REPORT] Delete User In reply to
Hi Rajani,

I can't replicate this here. Can you send me admin info, and a user I can test this out with?


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