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[BUG 2.0.2] search problems and suggestion

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[BUG 2.0.2] search problems and suggestion

The following does not give any correct result. This is an URL that results after Admin search.


What I wonder is an idea as following apart from the above problem and I write here as it occured to me while composing:

Is it not possible to develop a general table in the database called TEMP or CACHE for the purpose of inserting such long URL in the table and the user sees only the ID of the table? For e.g. the entire above URL would be inserted in the TEMP table with respect to their session ID and then shooted to the users webpage. The next time the user wanna go further, the further surfing continues with the Temp_ID in their table "CACHE".

The advantage of this system is that every user shall never ever come to know any of the correct link of any URL in the database like that of above!!! This will also supress the entire programming sub_routine names as above one could easily understand. Such a temp_ID could be allso generalised for all the GT products!!!

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Re: [BUG 2.0.2] search problems and suggestion In reply to
Did anyone in GT take a note of this suggestion?
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Re: [BUG 2.0.2] search problems and suggestion In reply to

I believe you were trying to search on just the domain name? If so, that was fixed in 2.0.3.



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