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[BUG 2.-0.2]Cannot unpack the file consistency.pl?

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[BUG 2.-0.2]Cannot unpack the file consistency.pl?

After noting many database integrity problems that Gmail could create, I am inquisitively trying to search for this file.

Gmail has deleted links of about more that 1700 emails received as undelivered and those 145 megs space is hanging somewhere and I am trying to find out if consitency.pl could emtpy the unlocated garbage.

2001-07-10 17:04 alex

* README, UPGRADE: docs updated

* .cvsmapfs: perms

* batch/tools/: README.consistency, consistency.pl: added header
and readme

I have upgraded 2.0.1 which was a fresh one to 2.0.2 and there is no such file that I could quickly identify. May be I am wrong. There is also no link given anywhere from the admin. Does it get executed sometime from anathor sub_routine? It did give an error after unpacking, but it was of creating a column. May be its somewhere there a problem that it did not pack at all????????????