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I thought that the above tag would be available but it is not the case in the Validated.eml + welcome.eml.

This is the tag which picks up the globals and is reflected everywhere in the head of html. However, in eml, it gets reflected only in register and lost_pass! All other, including welcome.eml remains unparsed.

The Globals.txt looks like below

'title' => 'My Personal Email Service'

Is there anything that I need to add in the globals to be able to use the tag everywhere?
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Re: <%title%> In reply to
Hello Alex!

This kind of Globals does not gets inserted in to the templates.

Using the version 2.0.2 and will make an update and let you know,.
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Re: <%title%> In reply to

This was fixed in 2.0.3 I believe. It's working on our demo copies.



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