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:fail vs :blackhole

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:fail vs :blackhole
Hi Adrian,

I am wondering if I should choose :fail or blakhole on my Cpanel. From what I understand, if I choose :fail then all mail that does not have a valid pop3 account on my server will get bounced right away and it will never go into the catch-all account. So for things to work I have to choose :blackhole and let my server sort things out, which wastes server bandwidth and resources.

Am I correct? If I am, are there ways to make GM so that I can choose :fail to save bandwidth and resources?

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
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Re: [donwe] :fail vs :blackhole In reply to
Hi donwe,

Sorry about the late reply. I'm not too familiar with cpanel, but from your description, yes that sounds correct. To be able to choose :fail, you would need some custom programming to generate a list of valid e-mail addresses so that the mail server knows which accounts are valid. As I said before, I'm not too familiar with how cpanel sets things up, but feel free to contact us for a quote on how much this would cost to do.