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GMail and SpamAssassin Bayesian filter?

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GMail and SpamAssassin Bayesian filter?
If I wanted to develop a script that would dump all mail found in Users' Junk mail folders into a file using the mbox format, can this be accomplished by modifying any existing scripts?

I want to use sa-learn to teach the SA bayes filter what is spam and what isn't on a regular basis (cron job) and I'd like to empty out users' Junk folder also.

Also, is it possible to automatically turn the SA plugin on for users and create the necessary folders and such when they sign up for an account?
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Re: [grid] GMail and SpamAssassin Bayesian filter? In reply to
I might have a solution for you last problem. I have nearly finished a plugin that automatically creates a 'Junk' folder when a user signs up, and sets their preferences by default to move spam to that Junk folder.

If you contact me by PM I can send you a testing version of the plugin.

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