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Auth error variables

I am on my way to take paid from my users, but I need to know how I can get variables into language-files. To keep track on who has paid, I am using Validated/Not validated. If a user is logging in without having paid, I am showing on login.cgi :

You need to renew your membership. Click here.

The link should be <a href=pay.php?username=emailadress@domain.com>Click here</a>. I have added the url in the Language editor in GM admin (wich worked fine), and I need to grab the emailaddress the user tried to login with so that the user donīt have to type it again.

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You won't be able to do what you want from just the language variables. You'll probably want to do this using a global. If you do a <%GT::Template::dump%> in the template, you'll be able to see what variables you can use.

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