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[GM 2.2.0] - Destroydrop dtree tree menu for GMail folders

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[GM 2.2.0] - Destroydrop dtree tree menu for GMail folders
This is for GMail 2.2.0

Several people have requested this so I though it would be a good idea to post it here. This is not a Plugin (yet), just follow the directions below:

1) Download and unpack the dtree zip from http://www.destroydrop.com/javascripts/tree/.

2) Copy dtree.js and dtree.css to the brewt template directory: /private/gmail/data/templates/brewt.

3) Copy the dtree img folder to your images dir: /path/to/images/templates/brewt/img.

4) Log into your GMail admin and go to the Template Editor. Load the folders_include.htm template from the brewt template set. Copy the source from the attached template and paste it into the text area and click Save. (You can also upload/copy the attached template file to the templates/brewt/local directory but don't overwrite the original in templates/brewt!)

5) Again, using the template editor, load dtree.js into the editor and make the following changes (around line #43):

this.icon = {
root : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/base.gif',
folder : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/folder.gif',
folderOpen : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/folderopen.gif',
node : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/page.gif',
empty : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/empty.gif',
line : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/line.gif',
join : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/join.gif',
joinBottom : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/joinbottom.gif',
plus : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/plus.gif',
plusBottom : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/plusbottom.gif',
minus : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/minus.gif',
minusBottom : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/minusbottom.gif',
nlPlus : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/nolines_plus.gif',
nlMinus : '<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/img/nolines_minus.gif'

6) Log into GMail and test it out.

7) Be sure to check out the API docs (http://www.destroydrop.com/javascripts/tree/) for more info on dtree.


| dTree 2.05 | www.destroydrop.com/javascript/tree/ |
| Copyright (c) 2002-2003 Geir Landrö |
| |
| This script can be used freely as long as all |
| copyright messages are intact. |
| |
| Updated: 17.04.2003 |

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Chaz: Nov 30, 2003, 2:38 PM
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Re: [Chaz] [GM 2.2.0] - Destroydrop dtree tree menu for GMail folders In reply to
Anup pointed out a potential problem with the template. I've attached an updated version of the template that will fix the problem.

The lines to include the JS and the CSS read:
and they probably should read:

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Re: [Chaz] [GM 2.2.0] - Destroydrop dtree tree menu for GMail folders In reply to
I spent a few hours today hacking away (I unfortunately don't know much javascript) at dTree, so it looks like this will be included in 2.2.1 thanks to Chaz and the author of the script Smile. I had to modify the script to make it more space efficient, since we don't have a lot of horizontal space to work with.

As a side note, overlib will also be included in 2.2.1.