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Hello all:
Please help. Where can are find the route "check_values()".
This routine is referenced in "GMail::NoAuth::Join", as $dgraph->check_values($ch), but where is the routine?
Thank you, pcurran
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Re: [pyc] $dgraph->check_values($ch) In reply to
Please use the correct forum Wink I've moved your post in the right forum now. You will probably get a bit more help here ;-)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [pyc] $dgraph->check_values($ch) In reply to
Hi pcurran,

$dgraph is a GT::SQL::Table object here and you can find check_values in the GT::SQL::Table module. I don't believe that there is any info on this method in the POD but here is an excerpt from the source:

sub check_values {
# -------------------------------------------------------------------
# Checks to see that the values for an insert are legal to
# be inserted. Returns false on error true on success

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Re: [Chaz] $dgraph->check_values($ch) In reply to
Very gut:

Thanks very much Chaz and thanks to Andy also.

sincerely, pcurran
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Re: [pyc] $dgraph->check_values($ch) In reply to
No worries :)