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Feedback on 1.0.0

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Feedback on 1.0.0
Hi there,
I'm using GList on a RedHat 7.2 server. After playing around with the script I'd like to address some things:

Double Opt-in

I've found it very difficult to activate the double opt-in feature. There is also no help available how to turn it on.

Missing Redirect for Validation

When a user validates his email address there is no option for redirecting him to a success page. Instead, the default GList page shows up.

User subscribe/unsubscribe doesn't work

If a user (i.e. a visitor) subscribes/unsubscribes a list, GList shows the user login page. It only works if I login to Glist and the cookie was written to the browser. A normal guest user is not able to access the subscribe/unsubscribe pages. I modified /lib/GList/User.pm to solve that problem:

sub _determine_action {
# Check valid action
my $action = shift || undef;
return if ( !$action );

return $action if $action eq 'user_validate';
return $action if $action eq 'user_subscribe';
return $action if $action eq 'user_unsubscribe';

return 'user_login' if ( !$USER and $action ne 'user_remind' );


Irritating Template Structure

There are two separate email template repositories:

Account -> Email Templates
Template -> Email Templates

Again, this is a little bit confusing since it is not clear which set will be used for what action.

Purge users based on bounce number

This has been stated already. It would be nice to set a limit to 5 bounces to a given list. After that number the user will be purged automatically.

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Re: [Ca5ey] Feedback on 1.0.0 In reply to
Thanks very much for the feedback! We are going through all the feedback we've gotten since launch to see how best to improve the product.


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Re: [Alex] Feedback on 1.0.0 In reply to
look for typos too! Wink
The one with Mac OS X Server 10.4 :)
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Re: [Alex] Feedback on 1.0.0 In reply to
Just a thing to add:

Unsubscribe Error

If a user is not subscribed to a list and enters his email address to a form field plus chooses 'unsubscribe' in a drop down and submits this form to GList, he will receive a subscribe validation email.