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win2000 db module

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win2000 db module

I run win2000 IIS5 with mysql, php, active state perl etc....Does anyone know how to get/install the dbi.pm module?

I got this message when running links sql setup on my own local computer (for testing purposes).:

Checking for required modules:
CGI.pm ... version 2.56 ok!
DBI.pm not found! You can find this at: http://www.perl.com/CPAN/modules
Links.pm ... ok!

Aborting.. please install the required modules and rerun setup.cgi




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Re: win2000 db module In reply to
Go to the site linked in the report (http://www.perl.com/CPAN/modules OR http://www.cpan.org) and download the DBI.pm module.

Then install the module in your Links directory under the admin directory.


Eliot Lee

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Re: win2000 db module In reply to
Best way is to use ppm tool that ActiveState distributes. It lets you download and install pre-compiled binaries of common modules directly from ActiveState. You should just be able to type:

ppm install DBI

from command prompt, and then for DBD::mysql type

ppm install DBD-mysql



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