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tons of "alternate" categories

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tons of "alternate" categories
Once again exposing my ignorance to the masses, I'd like to know how/why it is that having moved Links SQL to a new server, we now have dozens of extraneous "links". For example, we know that we've only entered 325 links. However, when we were forced to move Links SQL to a new server it showed us as having something like 1500 + links. I am woefully ignorant about a lot of Perl and SQL issues (yes, we're looking for someone else to remedy this, Thank God...) and I'd like to know how to correct this. Where exactly do I change all these "alternate" links? Is going through each individual link via the Modify menu my ONLY option? At least from there I can delete the "Alternative" category placement for each link; which is ultimately what I'd like to do. Looking for the speediest remedy possible here as I have 2 people itching to add more Links......
Thanks in advance...

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This is a hard question to answer.

Are you sure your database was not imported more than 1 time?

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