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question about Validate table

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question about Validate table
I understand the concept behind the validate table, basically anything submitted waits there for approval, after which it's moved into the Links table. So obviously I need most of the data fields in the Links table to be in the Validate table as well. However, if let's say a link is modified, do these go into the Validate table as well? So I guess my question is, should my Validate table be identical to my Links table? If not, what are the reasons it should be different?


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For all intents and purposes, make the Validate table identical to the Links Table, except for the extra fields that the Validate table has.

For instance, the ID field is moved down one to the LinksID field, so that it doesn't get changed during a modify.

There are also a couple of others.

Basically, any fields you add after the database is set up go at the end, so make sure that the added fields match in both databases.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/