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proplem @ setup.cgi

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proplem @ setup.cgi
now iam trying to install LinksSQL 2.0.0 beta12 on my pc "its a Win 2k with IIS-5 and all the needed moudles and a MySQL 3.22.34 Server with perl version 5.005_03 built for MSWin32-x86-object".
i opend the command line and typeed: perl install.cgi "cuz when i access install.cgi from the web its take a very veyr long time to Unarchives the script from the web.
and i clik Enter and the script work fine and fast.

Now when i finsh from this and open the "setup.cgi" from my web browser it give me this page:
Links SQL Setup

Welcome to Links SQL. Before you can begin to use the program, we need to setup Links SQL to work with your SQL server. You will need to know the following information before proceeding:

- SQL Server Type - common types include mysql, MS-SQL, Oracle
- SQL Hostname - which computer your sql server resides on, typically this is localhost.
- SQL Database Name - which database you want Links SQL to use.
- SQL Username/Password - a username/password to log on to the SQL database.
If you don't know the answer to any of this, please contact your ISP. If you are still stuck, please visit our support page at:



Now when i click on Next>> its take a long long time and nothing happend

if i go to this URL:

it show me the page:

Links SQL Setup - SQL Information

Please enter the following information:
SQL Server Type: <select box> Mysql
SQL Hostname: localhost
SQL Database: links
SQL Username: root
SQL Password: vyTgs7
Table Prefix

Links SQL will verify the program and create your SQL tables. If you have existing tables and would like Links SQL to drop and remove your data, click on Overwrite.



and if i click on Next>> its take a long long time and nothing happend.

thanks to every one.