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mods to recip link checker mod

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mods to recip link checker mod
Before I start digging into this, I was wondering if anyone else might have done something like it and be willing to share some code. I have the reciprocal link checker from here
installed and it seems to be working fine. Now what I want to do is two things.

1. Automatically send the email rather than have to do it through the report interface.

I'm guessing adding a simple print mail routine right after "# Oh oh, found one!" would do the trick and shouldn't hit the server too hard unless a whole slew of links disappear at the same time. Running the link checker once a week though should help reduce the impact there. Then I can just delete the email part of the report since it's really not needed there.

2. Update a field in the database that tracks whether or not there is a reciprocal link...

I'm figuring to adding to some code right after "# Oh oh, found one!" but not sure exactly of the formatting yet. In the directory I'm working on, there are several priority ratings that will be tallied for a total priority and that if a bad link is found I want to update the field AddLinkBack to No, and also update my LinkBackPriority field to 0. I'm guessing I can leave the URL in the field in case the person wants to update the link after they get the email. Right now it doesn't look like the recip.cgi script does any updating of the field to show there is no longer a linkback and the report that is produced only let's you delete the link from the directory.


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Re: mods to recip link checker mod In reply to
hi, i'd be very interested in any progress you have made on this.

regards dane