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installing linkssql problem

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installing linkssql problem
When installing linksSQL using the install program, the error below comes up:-

An error has occured

500 Internal Server Error
Possibly incorrect perl path
Make sure the URL is correct and corresponds to the given path. If you are running an NT server, it is possible that your cgi scripts must have the extention .pl If this is the case click here to have it tested with a .pl extension.

I'm using a dedicated server and am quite sure that everything is setup correctly, i.e path to the cgi-bin (cgi-bin/links) and the path to perl (usr/bin/perl).

Any ideas?

I've emailed gossamer-threads, but I'm not to sure how long they are closed for over the christmas period, so I thought I post the problem here, just in case any of you have any ideas...

Thanks James

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I'd follow the errors. Make sure you have a findable path to perl.

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