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installing DBD on Windows 2000

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installing DBD on Windows 2000
I did get the dbi module installed (no problem), but can I get the d&*$ed DBD module installed, NO CHANCE, I've tried VPM, PPM, Download and re-make it just will not have it

when running perl makefile.pl the stupid think complains it can not find a perl 5 in c:\perl\bin ...> that is crap there is an application perl.exe, perl5.00503.exe, Perl5.6.0.exe. how many more perl 5 apps does it need??

it then goes on to moan about a whole load of lib files it could not find (probably harmless) and goes on to write a makefile for DBD::mysql and msql-mysqlmodules.

Running nmake gives the following (Fatal) error:
'0' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
and bombs out ....> end of play.

vpm can only find dbd: dbc I have not found a way to point anywhere to get dbd::mysql

ppm can not find it either

Anyone for suggestions

Totally frustrated

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Re: installing DBD on Windows 2000 In reply to
If I try:

ppm install DBD-mysql

it works for me?