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is it possible?

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is it possible?
Hi everybody...
I love Links....
I use Links 2.0 and 1.xx
Thank's alex and all.
My site have 12000 data.
then CPU performance is 80~90.
I think upgrade SQL version.
but I don't know SQL & What i do.
& How much it cost...
if i Purchased Links SQL..
Problem all over?
(include install and old_version data use)
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Re: is it possible? In reply to
It sounds like you need a hardware upgrade, more than a software upgrade!

At 80-90% you are maxing out your machine, and adding an SQL database probably won't do anything but delay the inevitable upgrade.

Be that as it may, at 12,000 links, you are certainly over what a flat-file database can reasonably, and safely handle -- especially at 80% load!

You do need LinkSQL.

To run LinkSQL there is a list of required modules in the description area here, but you need to have MySQL installed (that has it's own requirements).

Check that out.