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Widgetz Modify mod

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Widgetz Modify mod

I have installed the widgetz mod that prevent to add or modify a link whithout being log in :

with this mod, when a user want to add a site, he click on add then he is prompt to the login page then he enter a login and a password ; After, a page say him you are log in and after he can browse the site to choose a category. He click on add a link in the category of his choice and he is prompted to the form that permited him to add a link.

I would like the following thing :
1) when a user is in the category (ie /hardware/motherboard/) of his choice, he click on add a link.
2) The user is prompted to the login form (to prevent him from adding a link whithout being logged).
3) After he logs, instead of having the message you are log in the user in redirect to the modify form corresponding to the ctegory he choose (ie /hardware/motherboard/)

In order to achieve this, i have installed the code by widgetz which allowed to redirect :

if ($to) {
print $in->redirect( -uri => "$LINKS{build_root_url}$to" );
else {
# regular stuff
and the template code

<%if to%>
<input type="hidden" name="to" value="<%to%>">

but i have 2 problem :
1 it does not work
2 in what template have i to install the code :

<%if to%>
<input type="hidden" name="to" value="<%to%>">



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