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Which RAQ is the better for LinksSQL

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Which RAQ is the better for LinksSQL
I am going to need to upgrade to a dedicated host soon and am wondering what you guys think of the following 2 servers.

Raq2 OS
250mhz Superscalar MIPS processor
256mb Ram
13GB EIDE Hard Drive

Compared to a
Raq3 OS
AMD K6-II 300
256mb Ram
13gb EIDE Hard Drive

I would of course sooner have a linux server or something like that, but I need to find a place that can sell you the server then offer a low colocation price such as $100 per month + bandwidth costs. And http://www.netinfra.com/ was the only place with anything like that, and it was for Raq's.

I would like to know which of the above servers is better, and also will it run LinksSQL. I will be running it with 10000 categories and about 5000 links and will be going up from there. How much do you think it will handle and how many visitors?

Also are Raq's capable of running LinksSQL? I have read on netinfra that they can install mySQL and PHP and perl and all on the servers. But does it have any other limitations to it?

Thanks for any advice or help you can give in advance.

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Re: Which RAQ is the better for LinksSQL In reply to
Both look quite similar...the best suggestions I can give are the following:

1) The more RAM, the better.
2) The more Processing (Mhz), the better.
3) The more disk space, the better.

Yes...Links SQL can be installed and runs on most servers. What you will have to do with RAQ servers is remove nph- from all the NPH (non parsed header) files since RAQ servers do not parse NPH files. Also, you might have to do some tweaking with the verification script to make it work on a RAQ server.


Eliot Lee