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Transferring to a new server

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Transferring to a new server
I have tried to find the information, to no avail,,,
I am considering transfering to a new host, but do not know how to transfer LinksSQL. I would assume that I would either download the whole thing to my computer, and upload it to the new server, but I do not know how to download the sql portion. Any hints out there???

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Look in the install directions for how to use the msqldump command (or use MySQLMan to do it)

Set up your database on the new server, import your database dump, install Links and you'll be up and running.

If the paths are the same, you won't have to do anything.

If the paths are NOT the same, you'll have to edit your Links.pm file.

If your database is a different name, you'll have to edit each of the .def files to reflect the new database name, so I would suggest keeping the old name.

If you can't keep the database name the same install Links to the new server, as if it was a _new_ installation.

Delete all the tables in the database, then import your data with the create tables statements into the new database.

Then resync your table definitions from the Admin. (the database name will be correct in the .def files, but the table-fields may not be until you re-sync).

Hope this help.s

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