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To Alex
Hi Alex

You recently installed Links for me.


The style sheet does not work and the images do not show using Altavista.

If click properties on the images it shows http://chillimonster.com/images/templates/av/logo_s.gif

I.e No www (is this the problem?)

This is the path in the Av home page for the style sheet:

<link href="/images/templates/av/av.css"

The styles appear not to work either, I am unable to see why the path for the images is without www, I have changed allthe URL's in links.pm from
http://chillimonster.com/cgi-bin/links to http://www.chillimonster.com/cgi-bin/links etc i.e added the www to see if this make any diference.

Please can you point me in the right direction - www or not and why does the style sheet not work?

Many Thanks


That's confusing my document root on my server is public_html so I would expect to get <link href="/images/templates/av/av.css"
you would create a directory off public_html called images but links.pm seems to call the document root public_html/pages so the images directory has to be in the /pages directory.

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Re: To Alex In reply to
I hit the same thing dummying up a new system.

You need to create a new directory tree:


relative to the server root. Put the logo and .css files there. I believe the same goes for the snap templates as well.

Alternatively you could edit the templates... but it's a lot easier to make the one change, then do all the templates.

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Re: To Alex In reply to
The reason for this (there are several) but the main one is that the Apache webserver will not serve graphics files from inside a cgi-bin (scripts) directory. It's part of the protection to "interpret" files that are sent out by the webserver.

Some sort of design concensus should be reached on where the templates, and associated .css files should be. That way, templates are added as subdirectories to the 'templates' directory, but the .css and graphics files can be added to something like:


With $Template_Set being -- default, av, snap, etc.