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Strange UNKNOWN TAG problem

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Strange UNKNOWN TAG problem
Okay...I have been looking at this all morning and can't seem to figure out why I am getting an Unknown Tag error.

I am using jerry su's modify.cgi for editing job postings. The problem is that one set of radio buttons works just fine and the other set does not work (UNKNOWN TAG). Both fields/columns are defined as ENUM both in my .def file and also in MySQl.

Here are my relevant codes:



ReceiveRes => ['27','ENUM', '0','1','1','Y','Y|N'],

%db_radio_fields = ( ReceiveRes => 'Y,N',
Active => 'Y,N');



if ($rec->{ReceiveRes} eq 'Y') {
$resume_status .= qq|<input type="radio" name="ReceiveRes" value="Y" CHECKED> Y
<input type="radio" name="ReceiveRes" value="N"> No|;
elsif ($rec->{ReceiveRes} eq 'N') {
$resume_status .= qq|<input type="radio" name="ReceiveRes" value="Y"> Yes
<input type="radio" name="ReceiveRes" value="N" CHECKED> No|;
else {
$resume_status .= qq|<input type="radio" name="ReceiveRes" value="Y"> Yes
<input type="radio" name="ReceiveRes" value="N"> No|;

my $title_linked = &build_linked_cgi_career_title ("Edit Jobs");
&site_html_edit_jobs_form ({
ID => $id,
Company => $company,
CompanyLogo => $companylogo,
WebSite => $website,
Email => $email,
ContactName => $contactname,
Address => $address,
City => $city,
ZipCode => $zipcode,
Telephone => $telephone,
Fax => $fax,
Position => $position,
Job_Description => $job_description,
Job_Qualifications => $job_qualifications,
Job_Duties => $job_duties,
Application_Process => $application,
Comments => $comments,
Salary => $salary,
State => $state,
Country => $country,
Day => $day,
Month => $month,
Year => $year,
Currency => $currency,
Topical => $topical,
Type => $type,
resume_status => $resume_status,
active_status => $active_status,
RemoveDate => $removedate,
title_linked => $title_linked,
}, $dynamic);




Now, the same codes are used for the Active field/column, and the tag works just fine. But for ReceiveRes using <%resume_status%>, I get the following error in the MODIFY FORM:


Unknown Tag: resume_status

Just looking for a second pair of eyes to look over my codes and see if I am missing something.

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Strange UNKNOWN TAG problem In reply to

The problem was a mis-spelling in the template files that I overlooked...sorry for the Thread.


Eliot Lee