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Second 'validate' database?

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Second 'validate' database?

I'm adding a new option for suggesting sites, a paid quick review system, and I'd like the form data to go into a secondary 'validate' table that will be an exact copy of the current one. I've modified the original add.cgi and split it in two; addstd.cgi (standard free suggestions) & addgsr.cgi (business quick review suggestions).

The standard suggestions go into the validate table as normal, but because I didn't want to mix-up the paid reviews with the standard ones I've modified the 'quick review' version to email me the data, and was intending to cut & paste the resulting email form data into a new link through the admin panel.

After some thought I'd prefer to review these site's separately and wanted to create a new table and a new admin control similar the current 'validate' one.

Firstly, creating the table itself is fairly straight forward but to get the 'quick review' script to write the data to the new table is it simply a case of changing the URL for the .def file to point to the new one, or would I have to make other changes?

Secondly, adding a new control URL reference to the admin panel is also fairly straight forward, but would I need to duplicate the 'validate' sub and create a copy of it to reference the new table?

Any advice appreciated Smile

All the best

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