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Search for special fields?

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Search for special fields?
Has someone found an answer, how to search for a special field?
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Can you explain what you mean a bit more?


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Hi Alex, it“s the same problem i asked a couple of weeks before. For a lot of other usages than a normal link-database, it is necessary to give the clients a special search-form. For example you add an adress-entry for every link with name, street, town, ZIP and so on.
In this example it makes sense to choose a search for the city with a search-field named “city“, but not to search all fields.
I will try to find all needs:

1. Search for every field, no entree -> all fields; one entree -> only this field, two fields -> only these two fields and so on.

2. For fields with numbers in it, we need:

“search for“Field1 < x < Field2. (if F2<F1 it must search on the other direction or doing with javascript to get the right direction. (Search for an adress at a special area or for a person with a range of age.)

or: “search for all with 5xxxx“, means from 5000 to 59999 e.g. the same to 55xxx, where i must enter only 5 not the x; but this should not target 25.
(search adress inside a range of ZIP)

3. Search with pull-down-menu; for one target. The same with a field-menu (Dont know the english word, its the same as a pull-down, but with usage of more than one entrees.

4. Search for a city2:
search for NE in field city targets 'New York' AND 'New Jersey'; the same (radio-buttons or + and -; but not “and“and “or“ cause we programm only in german); for Ne but not New Jersey.

It“s early in the morning here :-), but i hope to find all needs for my usage.

You told me something about 100$ to do this. That“s OK for me. Maybe someone else needs this features and we could diskuss which functions we could do more and maybe we share the costs for doing this and offer it after to all others for free here. (Or we pay the next licence at the full price and you this for all for free?)

Still more better would be a definition how to search for every field in every matter; so this would be more than a special programming for a special need and i or others could do it for ourselfes in this way we need it.

(To explain my needs: I use Links SQL and plan to use more licenses for my clients for a lot of different usages than the real Links. e.g: I have melt Links with another Shop-Script to have the best database AND the best Shop-System (with a poor database); another is a yahoo, but not for only links, we have adresses, pics and so on. The third thing is a database, where we need a lot of YES/NO fields (with nice icons) and want to search for a person (man/woman) (<1000, 1000<2000, <2000 ->fix values), age (two fields with a range from a to b) and so on.


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Re: Search for special fields? In reply to

I'm kind of on the same path I think. I found a thread that addresses my issue, but the mods there aren't entirely complete. I tried them out and ran into some problems I couldn't work out, but perhaps the first couple of entries will address your issues. If not continue to watch the thread. It's posted in the faq. I know I'll be watching and trying to figure out how to search for info in a specific field along with > and < searches.

It's at