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SQL Connections limit?

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SQL Connections limit?
When using search.cgi, sometimes I get this error:

DBSQL (1997): Fatal Error: Unable to connect to the SQL server. Reason: Too many connections at /usr/monografias.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi line 80

There are many connections open, since there are a lot of users logged simultaneously. Then I tried searching again and got the results o.k., but this means I'm at the limit... and it's not even the hour when connections really rise.
How can I change the limit of the sql connections?

Is this required?:

Apache::DBI->connect_on_init( etc...


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If you are on a virtual server, one user with a mistake/bug in code can easily take all the mysql connections affecting every other user on the system. Have your system admin do a:

mysqladmin proc

to see a list of current connections to mysql and find out what is going on.

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Apache::DBI->connect_on_init( etc...
This is not required, it only saves your script from creating the connection the first time it is called, not a big performance boost.



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