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Role for User.

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Role for User.
Hi all,

Can anybody explain for me about this?
I assign a user the status to administrator and when I login it does not show any thing. What are rights of user have status is Administrator.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Role for User. In reply to
That is a "placeholder" type of "status"...there really is nothing "built-in" that would allow you to use that status. However, you could use the "authentication" sub in the DB_Utils.pm (?) and add another check for "Administrator" status to "password protect" scripts like the admin.cgi and others.

Or add conditional statements, like the following:


if ((defined USER) and ($USER->{'Status'} eq 'Administrator')) {
&somesubcall ($dynamic);
else {
&site_html_error ({error => "You do not have permission to access this script."}, $dynamic);


Eliot Lee Wink