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Alex has just installed links SQL and I have just imported (Ooops) 70,000 links from the RDF.

On Re-index can you run this from telnet,
i.e perl nph-index.cgi

It comes up with:
(offline mode: enter name=value pairs on standard input)

Anyone knows what that means?

Also can I run nph-build.cgi from telnet or cron)

I want to run these so there not refreshing my browser which must be slowing things down.



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Refreshing your browser isn't a problem ... really. A time-out on the cgi connection might be.

(offline mode: enter name=value pairs on standard input)

Is from cgi.pm asking for the environment variables that would normally be available from the server/cgi environment. You can enter them manually (or "test" values) to give the program the "environment" it needs (or you want) to run.

I just ran nph-build.cgi from the telnet prompt, and I was not prompted for the cgi environment variables (I think I was before??) and with nph-index.cgi if you hit a ctrl-D it continues without a problem.

I don't think either of those programs use environment variables as long as the paths have been properly defined in the Links.pm file.

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