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Multicategory mod??

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Multicategory mod??
From another thread:
Have you received Multi_Category mod?
For this I waited really a long time,
as without it Links SQL is useless to me.
Now Alex has sent me via email.

What do you mean by 'multicategory mod' ?

The release Alex sent me, with no official date says:

o Relase 1.01 - BUGFIX: Fixed jump.cgi bug.
- BUGFIX: Sub Category not properly marked New.
- BUGFIX: Email template tags mislabled.
- ADDED: Open Directory RDF Parser script included.
- ADDED: Ability to place link in one or more categories.

Once you add a link, you can edit the relationships of that link from the modify page.

Is that what you mean?
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Re: Multicategory mod?? In reply to
The "Multi Category Mod" is the ability to place one link in one or more other categories without duplicating it. When searching the link only appears once under the main category, but if you navigate it shows up in as many as you want.


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Re: Multicategory mod?? In reply to
Hello Robert!

What Alex just failed to explain you that I do in my bourguois language. This Multi_Cat mod has made the value of Links SQL not just by double but by a square. (Someone may say, still the value remains the same, why, anybody!!!??? Smile)

(Hint Links SQL 1.0)

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